Béla Meinberg has harmonic and melodic taste and sensitivity. Jordan Dinsdale is a subtle and swinging drummer who has studied the lineage of the rhythmic greats. Ori Jacobson brings beautiful sound, presence and storytelling to the table. I am so pleased to have met each of these remarkable young musicians - We play interpretations of music that we all love, including some of my own compositions. In the words of my mentor Al Foster, we strive to bring the audience 'Love, Peace, and Jazz.'"

“Are these New York Guys?” Greg Cohen

“Is your band Euro Trash?” Brad Mehldau

Come Listen

Doug Weiss

Based in Berlin and New York, acoustic bassist Doug Weiss has found himself primarily centering around the concept of improvisation within and around songs.

His bands “The Berlin Quartet” with Belá Meinberg, Jordan Dinsdale, and Ori Jacobson, and “Interstellar Trio” with Melissa Aldana and Colin Stranahan, feature Weiss as a composer, arranger, and bandleader.9From 1996-2019 was bassist and musical director of The Al Foster quartet.

Interdisciplinary work with Choreographer Meg Stuart features Weiss’ compositions for Double Bass and dancer, in their evening length piece “All the Way Around”.

Ori Jacobson

Tel-Aviv born saxophone player Ori Jacobson has been passionate about the tradition of saxophone and jazz music from the age of 10.

Ori received a full scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music, where he graduated with Bachelor and Master degrees, and where he studied from Joe Lovano, David Liebman, George Garzone and Danilo Perez. After his studies, Ori moved to New York where he was playing at Smalls, Fat Cat, Birdland and the Beacon Theater.

Jordan Dinsdale

Jordan Dinsdale is a British Jazz musician from the northern English city of Bradford, who now lives in Berlin. Jordan used to play Metal, but thats all changed. He has studied with the one and only Jimmy Cobb.

Belá Meinberg

Béla Meinberg is a German pianist, based in Hamburg and Berlin. He has worked with some of the finest musicians around, including Billy Hart, Seamus Blake, Matt Penman, Chris Cheek, and John Stowell. His playing characterizes a lyrical approach, always swinging and with a good dose of humor.


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